Barrett Reservoir

Barrett is very difficult to visit. 

It's in desolate country, and with very reclusive neighbors.
San Diego has established procedures involving the purchase of a time slot 
on Ticketmaster, entry in convoy with a ranger, a minumum stay of 5 hours,
and open only three days a week.

But we were out in the general area and saw the lake 
in the distance, so we had to investigate.
There was no access via this road, or the next one.

There it is! We did see the water, so I will check this one off the list. 
I'm not inclined to spend $20 or $80 for a permit to be stuck out there for 5 hours.

A few miles down the road we came across the main entrance road. 
There are lots of signs and rules, and a toilet for those waiting in line to get in.

 I called the city and they confirmed there's no way to visit casually, 
but if we find a way I will refresh this page when we actually get in.