Loveland is one of San Diego County's hidden secrets. 
We certainly had a hard time finding it, but we were enjoying the beauty of the country
and following our noses rather than making a concerted effort to study the maps.

BTW, there is no cell service around the lake, so phones 
and my truck's Garmin navigation system weren't much use!

These are some things we saw BEFORE we found the lake.

It was a beautiful day for a walk in the countryside without finding our destination.
Finally we saw it in the distance.

Once we got there, We talked with one of the lake's caretakers.
He assured us they have good fishing. The official website says this:

"Loveland Reservoir, near Alpine, has a capacity of 25,400 acre feet. 
Its dam is 203 feet high and 765 feet wide, and was completed in 1945. 
Loveland Reservoir serves as a holding area for water destined for Sweetwater Dam.
Loveland Reservoir is open for shore fishing."

A grueling set of 100 steep railroad-tie steps descemds to the path to the lake.

There is an aluminum dock for fishermen, with cleaning sinks, trash cans and toilets.

and here's a view of the runoff coming down under the main road, 

just before it enters Loveland's eastern end.

It is a fairly large lake, for San Diego, at 454 acres.
The caretaker told us that once a year they open the dam and allow 
millions of gallons to flow down to Sweetwater Reservoir. 
It takes a few days but it all flows by gravity down the 
ancient streambeds into the lower reservoirs.