Mallard Lake is one of several small bodies of water on 
the 3150 acre Daley Ranch preserve, north of Escondido.
Mallard Lake is described on this page (here!),
Lake Dixon is on this page,

Dixon Lake is also in the Daley Ranch; it has its own page.

The pond loop begins with what I consider a VERY STEEP paved road UP
for about a half-mile, then a downslope to the ranch house,
then a VERY STEEP dirt road UP to the top.

Middle Pond is the one you come to first,
and is possibly the most attractive.

Daley Ranch allows hikers, mountain bikers, dogs (on leash) and horseriders

A quick look at Middle Pond and we are on to Mallard Lake 

Clouds took over the sun and Mallard Lake looks ominous

Water is just seeping out of the hillside onto the road - it's been a week since rain!

Soon the path was completely immersed in brush

then opened up again (a bit)

After poking around a bit,

we headed back to the car.