Orinoco Creek

Orinoco Creek Lake was a surprise find. 
We knew there were many bodies of water, 
just west of Julian, near Pine Hills,

but this was about a mile OFF THE MAIN ROAD
and we doubted we could find it.

However, all the gates were open, 
there were NO signs to stay out,
and no one around to object to our entry.
As we began to get glimpses of the lake, we realized
it was much larger than we expected

 The aquatic birds didn't seem at all bothered by our presence.

This wild turkey scampered off into the shade when we spotted him, 
giving up his perch in the warm sunshine. 

On our way out, we spotted a hand-painted sign that said
"Don't drive past here". 

But it was on a gate that was swung wide open off the road,
and I didn't see the notice on the way in.
It would only have cost us about 100 yards of walking.
Next time we'll see it.