San Marcos

San Marcos (in the City of Lake San Marcos)
is a resort community and a lake.

In 1962, Gordon, Don & Bob Frazar purchased the 1200-acre Clemson-Wells Farm.
They began construction of the planned community of Lake San Marcos. 
Citizens Development Corporation was the manager of the project.
The lake was reshaped to its present 80 acres.
They built residential properties, a commercial center, 
recreation center, restaurant and two golf courses. 

There is a bridge and a fountain.

It's not exactly Lake Geneva, but is a very nice place to live "on the water".

 It was one of the first lakes I visited,
and somehow was lost in the shuffle of pages
from Lakes to Ponds.

I hereby revive it again.
And somehow I have just located a pond that 
lurks just above it that deserves a visit!