Lake Domingo is one of the lakes I never thought we would reach. 
After driving east from Campo on old Hwy 80
 we came to this tired establishment at the Boulevard crossroads...

The lake is 4 miles down a private road, right on the Mexican border.
We had first turned into another private lane, which looked friendly, 
and were sitting at a clearing, wondering which way to go, 
when we spotted this rocket. A campground for Martians?

We were soon met by a man in a van who gently guided us 
back to the main road and pointed out the proper route. 
 We headed on with a bit more confidence, 
and after 15 minutes spotted Domingo on our left. 

We got out to investigate.

I noticed the waterfowl took off before I even got within 100 yards.
(The lake is a few miles away from a gun club & hunting lodge)

 Finding the lake to be much larger than expected, 
we got back into the truck and went around to the NE side.

We noticed that water in the puddles was still icy, 
even though it was afternoon and 48 degrees.

The San Diego and Arizona Railroad goes right past the lake. 
Was Domingo perhaps a filling station for steam locomotives, back in the day?