Lake Hodges is one of the largest lakes in San Diego County.

It has numerous inlets, bends and even peninsulas jutting out into it.

This was taken on a rainy day in winter.

Hodges is owned by San Diego's Water district, 
has a dam that's over 100 years old (and a bit weak), 
and is open 3 days a week, 9 months of the year.
The road in provides a nice visual introduction.

The entrance signs aren't very welcoming.

I would expect them to take off the closed sign when it is open.

You can boat, kayak, paddleboard or fish.
No swimming or waterskiing allowed.

While up near the Hodges Dam, 
we saw our second coyote of this quest; 
and the first to stand for a picture.
He sniffed up at us (1/4 mile away) and trotted off.

Lake Hodges Dam
Built by Volcan Water Company in 1918
No longer strong enough for full capacity levels.

Below the dam

Looking up-river from the dam.

A dirty duck looking for a handout 
from yours truly
(and going away disappointed)

A lot of things have happened around Hodges in its century-long history.