Corte Madera

Corte Madera Lake is in the middle of a 4500-acre ranch containing ten homes.
We were fortunate to get in, thanks to some discreet advice, phone calls, 
and a kind gentleman who welcomed us in as we were pondering the signs.

We saw a half-dozen mule deer. 

The lake and several ponds were in the midst of a large expanse of virgin county,
including deer, cattle, waterfowl, lush foliage, etc.

Here are some views of the smaller ponds

A large flock of wild turkeys

Our first peek at the lake

Longhorn finds the grass is greener on the other side of the fence...

As instructed, we crept along at 20 mph but the wary deer 
still stopped eating to ensure we meant them no harm.

A truly magical place!