Fairbanks South

We headed for Fairbanks Lake because I wanted some pictures of the 
extra bit of Fairbanks (SE of the road). 
This is NOT to be confused with Fairbanks Lake South,
our main destination in this page.

We got a shot through the trees as we drove very slowly, 

annoying a bunch of cars behind us....
Fairbanks intentionally prohibits stopping or parking. 
You can see a bit of lake but not an useful image 
(lots of blurry photos normally get discarded during a quest).

We reached a parking spot I had selected while doing advance research. 
If we couldn't get through the community gate (we couldn't), 
I had to have another approach in mind. 
We began our trek through an open space area 
to reach the south end of Fairbanks Lake South.

The Google Satellite image below was taken during the dry season. 

Our walk is hot and hilly through deep green spring growth,
and seems much farther than the map implies.

San Dieguito road is at the top of map above.
We climb uphill away from it as
shown in the photo below.

We walk down to the concrete spillway 
indicated by the arrow. 

Hurray! We see the lake and a few workers 
eating lunch on the deck of that big house. 

I take a few photos from our best vantage points.
Closer is not better because the brush is too high.

We walk up this hill all the way to the top 
then down to the truck on the other side. 
To show the scale, this arrow is pointing at Laurie.

Here's a printout from my Windy Maps app 
(I didn't get it tracking us until 
we were 100 yards from the truck).

NOTE: my iPhone health app says we ascended 22 floors!
My lungs sure felt the climb.
Far above us, a hawk and a small bird were fighting.