Hubbert Lake in Oceanside is the last coastal area lake I visited
(unless there is a mystery lake somewhere).
You can see it's very close to the ocean.

Surrounded by a steep hillside and a neighborhood
of middle-class homes, the lake
shows on various maps only as a dry lakebed,
but as you can see here, there's clearly water.

Our Vector Control folks are at work here, 
making sure the mosquito population is under control.

The lake is fenced off, perhaps
to keep people from messing around
with the mosquitos...

There is a water department facility at the top of the 
very steep hillside overlooking Hubbert. 

We found the gate open and went up an extremely steep driveway, 
which provided us a chance to talk to a water department employee, 
and to get some nice aerial photos of Oceanside and the lake.

 It's a hidden treasure for those homes.