Ramona Lake

Lake Ramona is one of two reservoirs I have long wanted to reach.
Although they are both within easy driving distance of my home, 
both require a 5-6 mile hike with 1500-2000' elevation climb to the lake.
For health and weather reasons my hike never happened.

Late in 2021, we visited a home on a road overlooking the reservoir,
and managed to catch a few images of the lake while driving in.

While we were looking for Ramona Ponds early in my quest, 
we tried to find the "official" way into the lake.
The official public way is the walk, this is one official private road.
Despite the two routes in, you are not allowed access to the water.

Here is the lake.

The level is dramatically lower than "normal", 
and I was told they have cut off agricultural draw
and are only supplying limited amounts for residential use.
I read the minutes of the Ramona Water Districts recent meetings
and they are very discouraging.

The access road visible (above right) is festooned with NO FISHING signs.
As we drove out, we saw two men with fishing poles hiking up from the lake.
You have to love the tenacity of the fisherman!