Laguna Lakes

The three Laguna lakes are reached by walking a few miles
through meadows in the Cuyamaca mountains.


When I visited, this scene was idyllic - on a "cold"
winter day that turned out to be about 70ºF

Except for one detail!

We had to take a long way around, carefully avoiding a
controlled burn in the forest along the normal path.

But we still saw Big Laguna and its northern pond 

(closest to the camera in photo above)

We couldn't get to Little Laguna because it was closed off for safety reasons.

We might have reached Las Rascales lake, but didn't want to chance it. 
I will update this page with more images when we make a second hike...


You can see my excitement at finally reaching Little Laguna!

A good sized pond or a small lake

We did a lot of trudging through meadows 

to finally reach Big Laguna too!

It was another beautiful day,
perfect for visiting an alpine "lagoon" (Laguna)

We saw only 4 other people during our several-hour visit.

but there was a lot more snow than on our first foray into the meadow.
Snow is predicted again tomorrow ... of course it is February.